Green IT Is Smart. It offers several govenrments benefits. Iit also gives a great public image to the company. Enterprises are increasingly going green, and looking to IT operations to help them reduce corporate energy consumption and become more environmentally responsible. Interactive LLC, assess, plan, and implement green initiatives for procurement, operation, and disposal of IT assets and processes.


Green IT services engagement, like most consulting work, are best spoken projects tailored to clients circumstances, goals and budgets. Interactive, LLC characterizes the general shape of green IT engagement in terms of three Steps:


Assessment, Planning and Implementation:


Step One:

Green IT initiatives starts with Interactive, LLC Consultants assessment of the clients current situation. Consulting engagement in this Step typically involve:


· Creating an overall green IT plan

· Modeling the return on investment (roi)

· Energy consumption baseline

· Carbon emissions baseline and targets

· Overall environmental analysis

· Regulatory compliance requirements

Step Two:

in this Step Interactive, LLC Consultants will help the client develop road maps for specific green IT initiatives, choosing and prioritizing based on the plan developed in Step one. Client will choose from a menu of initiatives, and end up with a second-Step engagement that might involve the following:


· Greening IT procurement and recycling

· Improving data center efficiency.

· Positioning IT to support green business

· Designing new data center

· Outsourcing data center

· Supply chain optimization

· Environmental management systems

· Alternative energy

Step Three:

In the implementation Step, Interactive, LLC consultants and client work to specify, purchase and install appropriate technology products and software and depending on the nature and scope of the engagement, this Step might be solely about implementing new technology(virtualization in a data center for example or include new processes, policies, and practices, which are often as hard or harder to implement than new server architecture or cooling infrastructure.

Interactive, LLC will help you choose and implement specific products and vendors for:


· Virtualization and consolidation

· Data center/power and cooling

· Desktop and PC systems

· Data center design and architecture

· Power management software

· IT infrastructure management software


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